The unique Thracian sanctuary Belintash is a monument not only national but also of global significance.
Belintash itself is located nearby. Main research interests since 1975, the name of the rock comes from white, good stone. The translation may also be a “stone of knowledge.” Another name comes from the mystique around Belintash. Some call it “the Bulgarian Stonehenge” but that both sites are so unique that it can not talk about comparisons. If, however, both places have something in common, it has not yet been demonstrated for any of them.
Belintash is linked with the legend of the Flood. It is argued that it is home to Noah’s Ark, a proof of the rock clearly visible rings, which were tied ropes to the vessel. True or not – the round holes are there to this day.
At the outset of Belintash on rock are carved signs resembling book. Imposed on modern maps, they mark exactly kopmpleksa from sanctuaries in this part of the Rhodopes – Dolnoslav, Draganitsa, Belintash Karadjov stone Krasova forest. Scientists believe that many of these theories can not be just coincidence.
Stronger legend, however, is related to the Thracians. Because of its location Belintash natural astronomical observatory. During the equinox the sun rises just above the Blue Peak and sets exactly over Karadjov stone.
Researchers of the secret area are combined for a theory – Belintash was the place where the ancient people, but later Thracians were carrying their relationship to space. For the first time in 1986. there is a sky map in the characters of the plateau. In the cistern visible instrument for determining the location of stars. Over the years, this theory is gaining many adherents. In proof of the thesis attempts have been made to trace the whereabouts of the heavenly bodies before 6-7000 years. Results are still at the level of hypothesis. There is also a hypothesis that Belintash was the center of space tourism. Carved cisterns may have had a purely technical znaechenie for landing and departure of spacecraft. The configuration of the rock wells scientists clearly see the constellations Ursa Major and Minor, Leo and Orion. Sun and moon are reflected accurately in the two wells in certain dates of the year.
There is a strange theory of Thracian sanctuaries. Ancient priests always choose RIOLIT for rock sanctuaries. This is not only in Bulgaria, the theory is confirmed in Romania, Moldova, France. Indeed, some of the stones at Stonehenge are also RIOLIT which perhaps explains the relationship between him and Belintash.