Karadjov kamak is a unique phenomenon in the Rhodope Mountains close to the village of Mostovo. It is a steep rock plateau about 100 m high.  It has a lot of natural holes but part of them are given the finish touch by hand thousands of years ago.

There are ten handmade steps showing that this place used to be an ancient sanctuary.  Archeologists say that it started to be used in the early Iron Age and the Thracians were the last to use it.

There is a unique view easy to be remembered – the deep cleft with the big stone stuck in. Here is the only way to get on the top of the plateau and here are the artificial steps. One can climb the ladder and pass under the stone.

The name of the place came from the name of the local rebel Karadja Vojvoda born in the village of Manastir. He covered the area from one end to the other and protected Bulgarians from Ottomans. One legend says that Ottomans rape one beautiful girl called Dragana and then killed her on the top of the hill Draganitsa. Karadja killed the violators and latter Ottomans killed him near this rock. Other legend says that Karadja Vojvoda hid large treasure here.

However local people do not like discussing the rock. They believe the stone is dedicated to dead and has bad energy.